Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that come with the NPBTS Renewal process
  • ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO LOVES TO ADD FLUFF AND FILLERS?- Then you are confusing the assessor with little to no evidence towards the rubric.
  • ​​DO YOU FIND YOURSELF CONTINUOUSLY REPEATING THE SAME IDEAS?- Then you are not giving the assessor much to score.
  • ​DO YOU WRITE WELL, BUT IT COMES ACROSS AS VAGUE? - Then you are making it hard for the assessor to find clear, concise, and convincing evidence that is needed.
  • ​ARE YOU CONSTANTLY OVERTHINKING THE QUESTIONS AND THE PROCESS?  - Then you are going to spend 40 or more hours more than the average candidate to achieve a renewed status in this process.
if YOU fall into any of these pitfalls, get out of your own way now!
This I Spy: Find the Evidence in your Writing will help you ensure that your PGEs are loaded with EVIDENCE, meets the RUBRIC, and contains MILESTONES for 100% CONFIDENCE that you will renew with the National Board!
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